It’s TechEd Time again…

As I sit in LAX waiting for my flight to Boston, I realized It’s TechEd Time again and consequently i’m “encouraged” to write down some thoughts on the coming week, my sessions, and the other involvements I have going. 

My schedule is a disaster.  This is my 9th straight year speaking at TechEd and they don’t let us play like in the old days.  Now a days speakers really have to work at the event….well, at least I am one of the speakers that doesn’t push back when asked… I doubt I will be able to attend any sessions at all, short of the two I am doing.  MS really has their act together for teched these days.  My standard drill was to speak on the very first day, right after the keynote so i could play all week – not the case this year!  along with my sessions on tuesday and wednesday i have to staff the ms booth monday to wednesday, i am filming a video for msft, i’m staffing the RD booth, i have meetings all day saturday and sunday and i have to do a few press interviews.  It’s all good.  I’m sure i’ll have a blast like usual.  These big msft confs are always like reunions for me.  it’s just this year i’ll have to stay somewhat sober until my sessions are delivered… 🙂 

I’ll put my sched in a seperate post so i can be tracked down. 

TechEd, the superbowl of msft confs is also the place for big announcements by msft.  amusingly there was a marketing announcement today with no technical significance.  consequently, i’m amazed at the buzz it’s getting.  winfx, a code name from the beginnning has been renamed to .net 3.0.  end of story.  simply a brand identity thing.  there’s no gossip in there at all.  there’s nothing to read into that at all.  msft briefed me on it (with some of my peers) and it seems to logical and simple to me and i will never pretend to know anything about marketing so i just took it with a grain of salt.  but, i have read and heard quite the speculations on it….which are all ridiculous.  it also amuses me that Soma chose to release this news in his blog.  I must be getting to old.  what happened to the days of a simple press release?

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