vb.net vs. c#

an email posted on the blog from carl weiss: 



Sender: Carl Weis 


Hello Tim, first let me say that I just love your talks on Smart Clients. Now for the resson of my email, I would like to know your favorite .net language, VB.NET or C#? 


I know and use both, but just wanted to know what a Smart Client guru like yourself perfered. 





My response:  


Hi carl.  Thanks for the kind words and sorry for the tardy response.   


My answer to your question: a language is a language is a language.  A brilliant software developer, ken miller, told me that a long time ago.  It really doesn’t matter to me.  we have to do both languages.  Vb is easier for me to demo because it’s easier to read for an audience.  C# is easier to pick up for object oriented folks like c, c++ and java programmers so that’s normally where they navigate to.  Everyone else navigates to vb.net.  what frustrates me is why the language teams are segregated at ms consequently uniquely producing features in vs.net. 




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