PDC Underground: Do you GROK it?

One of the best events at this year’s PDC is going to be the PDC Underground event on Tuesday night, September 13th at the Westin from 6pm to 9pm.    All the details are at: http://www.pdcunderground.com/.  to get in, you need a PDC underground button or to register at the site. 

Hosted by former IK employee and current SoCal developer Evangalist, Woody Pewitt and the local Socal RDs (me, Paul Sheriff and Michele Bustamonte), and staffed by all the big-name RDs, this will be a powerpacked event you want want to miss if you are the type who likes to be bombarded with 2 hours of cool demo by some of the most famous technologists in the industry 

It will be very similar to the highly successfull groktalks we did at teched (www.groktalk.net) only these groktalks will be live without editing! 

It works like this: each speaker gets 10 minutes to demo his / her most favorite coolest new part of the stack.  5 mins of q&a are reserved.  we’ll do 10 of these talks back to back to back in rapid succession which basically means you have 100 or so RDs and only 10 get to do groktalks.  becuase of only being able to do 10 or so of these i may give up my spot to another deserving RD and simply help to MC the event.  we are still trying to figure all that out.  i’m sure the lineup and topics will be baked over this week, so i’ll post them here when they are.

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