Relief: My teched Smart Client session is going to be awesome

For those who know me well, know that i do this every Tech Ed, but the panic is mainly over.  all my demos now work and every single one is compelling.  i could easily spend all 1:15 in the 4 sets of demos.  there are important concepts to get accross to the audience though.  so, i do have slides, but i will be blasing through them.  it is a keynote session so i can’t just party in the entire time. 

i got thrown for a loop when all my kick VSTO demos were broken by whidbey beta 2.  some of the changes are really annoying.  like why in the world was it necessary to change the name of the startup event to initialize.  other object naming changes on the wrappiing of the office objects was like looking for needles in haystacks.  but i have them all working.  and my vsto guided tour – which i’ll give out to all the attendees and it will be on the conf cd is fantastic.  i’m really proud of it.  anyone who takes the 30 mins to do my guided tour will be blown away by the ease and power of VSTO 2005. 

So, i’m on my way to orlando in the morning.  i’ll have a ton of time on airplaines to practice the demos and the messaging on the demos.  i have to do a meet and greet tomorrow night – which i can easily blow off if i need to time to work on my session and then i do a special version of my smart client session at tech ed academic days on the UCF campus on sunday.  after that, i race over to the conf hall for a rehearsal then it’s RD meetings all day and then the RD party.

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