My session is finally coming together

It’s less than a week out and my session is finally coming together.  i never like to do anything exactly the same and i have been speaking on Smart Client for almost 2 years.  So, i have all new demos and whidbey beta 2 versions of some enhanced favorites.  my content is done.  there’s great new messaging, but, of course i’d prefer to simply demo for 1:15.  in this session, though, the content is extremely important because smart client is a widly misunderstood topic.  net-net, the term smart client is simply a marketing term wrapped around a number of very important technologies and technical strategies.  

This session is truly unique for me.  it’s the track keynote so i go a full 1:15 without any q&a.  i am supposed to do the q&a in the cabanna session after my session.  my demos are coming together, but i still have some worries.  ms is giving me an all encompassing kick ass smart client demo on two vpcs.  and i’m having a devil of a time pulling down the 9gb server image from corpnet.  the demo is absolutley awesome though.  worst case scenario is that i get it fedexed to my by thrurs giving me 2 days to live with it. 

i’m speaking at the academic days for teched also – on the UCF campus.  that’s saturday.  

So, currently my demos go like this: 

1. the all encompassing kick ass smart client demo – i can do 8 to 15 full minutes on this demo without even getting to code.  it is very compelling.  it should happen around 10 minutes into the session 

2. brad sherrell from pacific life showing the whidbey winforms app we helped them build.  the interface looks just like outlook.  it’s a great story and brad is a great presenter.  i’m honored to have him on stage with me. 

3. a shmorgasbord of my kick ass vsto 2005 demos.  these demos really get developers excited.  especially those who have never seen vsto and have never dreamed of doing an app and manifesting it in something like excel.  i have had so many positive comments on these demos that i develped an entire vsto session – which the vsto team decided not to use me for this teched… i also have created the ultimate vsto 2005 guided tour.  the doc steps you through the amazing capabilities of vsto excel in about 20 minutes.  i have had hugely great feedback on this – i’m glad i spent the time to do it. 

4. the infamous compact framework san diego traffic app – whidbey style!  if you’ve ever seen me do this before you’ll enjoy the new whidbey version of this.  the developer, marquis howard, has done such a great job on this app.  it’s such a great story behind it.  it’s the perfect demo to solidify the power of the ms platform for smart client.

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